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Cellular Phones

There are a couple of ways you can use your personal cellular telephone while in Italy. You can request a SIM card for international use from your service provider. In addition, there are many companies online that sell international SIM cards. Make sure that your cellular telephone is unlocked by your service provider before using an international SIM card.

You may also rent a cellular telephone while at the airport for use while you are in Italy and to make international calls. Ask for one that has instructions in your native language.

Tuscan Muse recommends that you do not forget to bring phone chargers and electrical adaptors suitable for Italy. Reception in Tuscany can be spotty, but is usually good.

Telephone Service at Le Casacce

39. 0564 950 965 or 39. 0564 950 895

Telephone Service at Le Citte

39. 0564971107 or 39. 3338002259

Time Difference

Remember there may be a significant time difference between the country in which you reside and Italy.  Please make a note of this. Italy's universal time zones are: UTC/GMT +1 hour.


WI-FI is present at Le Casacce in the lobby, main dining room, porch/patio of the main house and some rooms of the Estate.

WI-FI is present at Le Citte, in the private rooms, in the public areas of the main building and outside in the surrounding area.

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    “First of all we want to say a very big THANK YOU for all the work you put in for everyone. We enjoyed the workshop very much, and in all these things it is the people who make the difference. Added to that, the food was very good and the setting was one of the best. It was all made possible by you Linda."
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