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Tuscan Muse workshops and tours offer deep immersion into the culture and beauty of Tuscany.  We offer the very best combination of price, cuisine, accommodations and sightseeing opportunities available for workshops and tours in Tuscany. With Tuscan Muse every workshop, tour or event includes:

  • Pickup and drop off from the airport either in Rome or in Florence, depending on the itinerary;
  • All Ground Transportation;
  • All Breakfasts;
  • All Dinners - 4 courses 
  • Accommodations; and
  • Workshop Instruction and Escorted Tours of Tuscany.

Our Incentive Program

At Tuscan Muse we encourage you to let others know about the incredible opportunities that we offer in Tuscany. The enthusiasm of our workshop and tour attendees is our most powerful advocate. In recognition, we want to pass along savings to those of you who introduce others to our workshops and tours in Tuscany. There are two ways to do this:

  • Have 3 friends register and receive cash on arrival!
  • We have discounted rates for groups of ten or more!

Learn more about our Incentive Program by clicking here!

Our Workshops - Find Your Muse!

Tuscan Muse offers culinary, artistic, photography, music and writing workshops in this land known for the presence of Muses. Tuscany has been a place of artistic creation for centuries. Tuscany is the perfect source of inspiration. It is a place that promotes the very best work from artists, photographers, chefs, writers and musicians and for anyone looking to spark the flame of their creativity. Tuscan Muse provides the space and the instruction for understanding yourself as the creator of your work, giving you a haven for experimenting and allowing your artistic vision to take form. Once you have experienced the burst of creativity inspired by being in Tuscany, you will understand that it is impossible for your Muse to be elusive in this enchanted land.

The Tuscan Muse workshop instructors are the best in the industry. We take great pride in the fact that you will not leave a workshop without having had both the experience and the education of a lifetime. You will truly know what it means to have your Imagination Inspired by Italy as only a Tuscan Muse Workshop can provide.

Our Tours - Discover Tuscany!

Tuscan Muse offers creative tours that provide the opportunity to see Tuscany from every angle, from large cities to small villages. Tours designed for specific interests such as photography and painting are often planned. Tuscan Muse knows the best places to go for incredible subject matter and where to find the famous light of Tuscany, often far away from the beaten path of areas filled with tourists. Your days are filled with discovering Tuscany and your nights are filled with the warm hospitality and the fine cuisine provided by Enrico Casini at Le Casacce, our home in Tuscany.

Our Private Tours and Events - Designed Especially for You!

In addition to workshops and creative tours, Tuscan Muse is also delighted to offer private tours and events created especially for your needs. Private tours designed for specific interests such as painting and those who want to travel to distinct areas of Tuscany with a specific group of people are a favorite way to see Tuscany. Tuscan Muse also hosts corporate retreats, weddings, honeymoons, vow renewal ceremonies, family reunions, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations.

Arranging a private tour of Tuscany or an event is simple. All you have to do is to contact Tuscan Muse and let us know the dates that you would like to visit, the specific places in Tuscany that you would like to see and the number of people included in your group. Tuscan Muse will pay attention to every detail in providing you with the ultimate private tour, event or celebration. 

Read More About Our Custom Events in Tuscany, Italy

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    “First of all we want to say a very big THANK YOU for all the work you put in for everyone. We enjoyed the workshop very much, and in all these things it is the people who make the difference. Added to that, the food was very good and the setting was one of the best. It was all made possible by you Linda."
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