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Sorano is a hill town that is situated on top of rock. It has been inhabited since the Etruscan times. The economy of Sorono is based mainly on the production of cheeses, sausages, and crafts like leather, wooden artifacts and pottery.

The Rocca Degli Orsini is one of the most interesting places to visit in Sorano. The castle was originally built in the 14th century but was completely renovated later on by Niccolo IV Orsini. The castle has two large angular bastions which are connected to the main gate with a line of walls. The two bastions are known as Saint Peter's Bastion and Saint Mark's Bastion. The main gate itself is quite impressive, decorated with a coat of arms and there is a square tower close by. Inside the walls are the remains of the complex of the castle. A series of frescoes have recently been found at the site which is believed to be from the Sienese School.

Sorano is a favorite of Tuscan Muse guests, photographers, artists, cooks and writers who participate in our tours of Tuscany, photography workshops, painting workshops, culinary workshops and writing workshops in Tuscany.


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    “First of all we want to say a very big THANK YOU for all the work you put in for everyone. We enjoyed the workshop very much, and in all these things it is the people who make the difference. Added to that, the food was very good and the setting was one of the best. It was all made possible by you Linda."
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