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Castellina in Chianti

castellina-chiantiCastellina in Chianti is a small village of only 2,800 inhabitants. Its setting is along the Chiantigiana road that connects Florence to Siena. The village's origins go back to Etruscan times that are reflected in the village architecture. The Florentine's control of the area started in the 12th century with the village considered as an important outpost due to its strategic position between Florence and Siena.

The village contains many sites that are not to be missed. The Via della Volte is an underground tunnel that was used by village guards in Etruscan times. Now it is filled with delightful shops and restaurants. The tunnel goes around the city and looks different at varying times of day, depending on the quality of light that streams through its small windows. The Church of San Salvatore has an early 15th century fresco of Madonna with Child and a polychrome wooden statue of Christ from the same time period. The village Fortress, with its tall tower, offers a splendid panoramic view of the city and the surrounding countryside. Inside the Fortress is the headquarters of the Archeological Museum of Chianti which displays important archeological findings attesting to the ancient origins of the Chianti region.

  • Our stay at Le Casacce will always be a glorious memory. By the time the trip was over, we already missed our new friend, Linda. We came home filled with tales of the sights we had seen, the excellent food we had eaten and the good times made possible by Tuscan Muse
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